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Spring, sprung, sproing.

Posted by on May 21, 2015

I think it’s finally stopped going below zero, so it’s safe to say that spring is here in southern Saskatchewan. While the warm weather may have been a little slow to start, music never slowed down!

We had an absolutely fantastic first annual Songwriters Weekend here in Gravelbourg on April 10 & 11. Megan Nash, Scott Richmond and I had almost too much fun playing to a sold out crowd at the Friday night showcase, and even more fun working with the 11 songwriters who came to join us on Saturday for the workshop. I will try to get the song we wrote together posted in the near future (I’ll have to consult a technology expert first, as apparently, I was born about 150 years too late.) Thanks soooo much to everybody who participated in the weekend. I’m really excited to do another one next year!

From April 24 to 26, I had a great time with some new friends from SaskMusic and the Saskatchewan Country Music Association at the SCMA Awards in Yorkton. Got to meet Deric Ruttan, and heard some unbelievable music from the likes of Blake Berglund, Tenille Arts, and The Trudel Family – those guys are the Real Deal. Another big highlight was the incredibly multi-talented high school pop orchestra Channel 22 from Yorkton. They were really inspiring, as was the soundman who had to run goodness knows how many live channels. Channel 22 indeed…

Some huge news, Johnnie Ninety-Nine & Co. is very lucky to be able to welcome the social media savvy musical powerhouse Megan Nash to the team! She’s been helping make things like Twitter and Facebook go, since as I mentioned before, I am basically a brontosaurus wearing a deputy sheriff outfit. The website will still be the capital hub of #J99CoInternetCity, but now there may be other digital goodies as well.

Coming up, The Bros. and I will be warming up for this year’s Solstice Festival d’Été with a set at Palmer Las Fallas IV (literally warming up – they burn a massive effigy every year. Last year’s was Chad Kroeger with a speaker box in his crotch) on May 30th. Then the incomparable James Lamb will be coming all the way from Nelson BC to join us at Solstice on June 20!

James Lamb will also be playing a couple of solo dates in the area, and if you’ve already seen him, you know you need to be there. And if you HAVEN’T seen him, you really need to. Trust me. He is almost painfully good at playing his guitar, and his songs have this warm, fuzzy, familiar quality to them but somehow always keep you guessing.

Also coming to this corner of the world towards the end of June are off-grid prepper-core superstars The Grid Pickers! They’ll be at the Burrowing Owl in Mossbank on June 29, Palmer Church in you guessed it Palmer on July 1, and I’ll be joining them at Wylee Coyotee in Gravelbourg on July 2.

Aaaaand just when you thought you’d run out of fun, and all the money that you WERE going to spend on going to Ness Creek, I told you about The Berry Jam at Bouvier’s Berry Basket in Kincaid on July 18. A music festival where you can also pick a bucket of saskatoons AND get your face painted??? Yes. That’s right. Amazing.

So pull up your socks (or maybe take them off now that it’s nice outside) and get ready to get ‘er done in southwest Saskatchewan. More coming soon…