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Summertime, and the livin’ Is easy

Posted by on Aug 18, 2018

…well… maybe not easy but definitely colourful and worthwhile. Just hanging out in Calgary working on the new Smokes Let’s Go record which is sounding really dang cool. Feeling really blessed to be working with an absolute gem of an engineer, Mr. Kirill Telichev, and of course the man who makes all the songs happen, Michael Effin’ Dunn. Went out the the Palomino tonight and got to check out Mike’s recent foray into bass playering with this kick ass power trio Slim Holly. Holy crap – they slayed Iggy Pop’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and that wasn’t even the best part of the set. Keep an eye out for those dudes – EP forthcoming.

But I digress. What I really logged onto this goofy webulon for was to tell you JAKE STEAD IS GONNA BE BACK IN THE HOUSE!!! That’s right. For the first time in six years, we will be playing together next weekend for two nights in southern Saskatchewan PLUS gettin’ a few things in the can at Studio 100 in the hopes of having some brand new recordings to share very soon. It’s funky. It’s heavy. It’s uplifting. Stef is back on guitars where he shines bright as the sun, and we have a kickass rockabilly drummer named Chad keeping the beat in your bones. We’re cranking it up to 11 and we can’t, we won’t and we don’t stop. So come check it out!

Berry Jam Music Festival was fantastic, and the addition of our new Gravelbourg Community Music Centre stage was lit up by some seriously talented young people from right here at home. And speaking of the music Centre, if you live in the Assiniboia/Gravelbourg area we’re amidst rolling out our 2018-2019 season – lots of great stuff for all ages, including a new Classics Jam debuting on September 2. Furthermore, for the first time this year our 4 O’Clock Rock program is receiving generous support from Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture Inc., and the Sask Lotto Trust Fund for Sport, Culture & Recreation, so we’re able to bring all sorts of cool new elements to the curriculum. Keep an eye out for these kids’ debut rock ‘n roll show at the Renaissance Gaiety Theatre, April 2019!

That’s about all the news around here for now. It wasn’t the most timely update but at least it was less than 12 months from the last one…

See you soon!!