Johnnie Ninety-Nine & Co.

est. 2007

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Committed to providing a quality custom-built interactive live music experience every time we open our cases, we present an engaging high energy show in any formation from acoustic solo or duo to an electrifying full line-up.

Proud purveyors of fine music since 2007, Johnnie Ninety-Nine & Co. is an expert organization of bona fide merriment facilitators, on a mission to make good times anytime for anybody anywhere, from the classiest little corner to the craziest party.

All songs are handmade of 100% genuine human experience, and guaranteed minimum 100 proof.

“Johnnie Ninety-Nine kicks her bluegrass up a notch by creating sonic textures and atmospheres that are felt as much as heard.”
-Brian Baker, City Beat (Cincinnati OH)

“[Johnnie Ninety-Nine] can sing with conviction and emotion, or with tough, world weary strength, but the tone is always in service of the song. She sings her songs like a good story teller, inviting the audience in, and making them feel like they’ve heard something special, something just for them.”
-Sebastien Bell, Assiniboia Times (Assiniboia SK)

“What a delight. [They] brought back the days of the early coffee shops in the 1970s.”
-Paul Boisvert, Gravelbourg Tribune (Gravelbourg SK)

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