Johnnie Ninety-Nine & Co.

est. 2007

The Family Tree

JOHNNIE NINETY-NINE is an idea inspired by a drink inspired by a song by The Boss.

Johnnie Ninety-Nine (recipe): a liberal shot of gin poured over a liberal glass of cheap California red. It may not be known for having a refined taste, but it is ruthlessly effective.

Music is the most fun when made with friends, and much is owed to the wildly creative, excruciatingly talented, very generous friends who have been keeping things potent and high-proof over the years.

The Hornets (No Home Like Nowhere):

Matt Beebe
Scott Bell
Sara Ciantar
Elizabeth Close
C.B. Ellis
Matt Fraser
James Green
Kathleen Kelly
James Lamb
Stephan Mihajlovich
Vance Ternowski

The Buckin’ Ladybugs (Whiskey Pushin’):

Andy Bishop
Arielle Campion
C. B. Ellis
Jarred Greff
Colin Jones
Shiloh Lindsey
Christopher Suen

The Buskin’ & Robbin’ Band (Good Enough for Canada!):

Luke de Villiers
Jubal Harshaw

The Good-Time Family Band (True Grit, Cigarettes & Gasoline):

Arielle Campion
James Green
Jeff “Rollie” Rolfzen
Jake Stead

Johnnie Ninety-Nine & Bros.

Dennis Nichol
Ian Nichol

The Family Emergency Band

Stephan Mihajlovich
Denita Morin
Erin McArthur
Dennis Nichol
Ian Nichol